1944 Shuster Genealogical Book for Sale

In 1933, Mr. Ambrose Burnside (Burney) Wingate published a pamphlet called “Over the Years Until Now” tracing the history of Daniel and Margaret Shuster and their children. In so doing, he started a movement that led to the publication of a red book called “Daniel Shuster, 1752-1818” published in 1944 by Arthur G. Skeeles of Columbus, Ohio with the help of  Grover W. Tressel of Akron, Ohio and Velma Robinson Haas of Cleveland, Ohio.

The red book (as it came to be known) was supplemented in 1971 by a blue book published by Mary A. Haas and Janice A. Henry. Mary Haas had possession of the remaining box of  red books, probably from her grandmother Velma Haas. Early in the decade of the 2000’s, the box was given by Mary to Debbie Schinker. Mary’s mom Pauline and Debbie’s grandma Margaret Wilt were first cousins and Mary knew that Debbie was actively attending the annual reunions.


Mary requested that the books be sold at a reasonable cost with the proceeds donated to the reunion committee. To honor Mary’s generous donation, the reunion committee designated funds received from the book sales to the cemetery fund to install a new stone for George Franklin and Catharine Shuster, which was accomplished in 2012.

At the 2016 reunion, a vote was taken that funds from the sale of the remaining books will go toward an effort to reinforce Margaret Shuster’s headstone, which is degrading on both sides at the base making it increasingly vulnerable to breakage. It will take many years to raise enough money to accomplish this goal.

To purchase one of the remaining red books (pictured above with the blue book, which is NOT available), please complete and submit the contact form below and the reunion committee president will then get in touch with you. 

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2016 Reunion Minutes






The 112th  STW Family Reunion began at 12:00 noon with lots of small talk and getting reacquainted. Debbie Schinker put out the sign-in sheets, name tags and family tree project at the genealogy station for those in attendance today to view and update. It was a fun day which started with catching up on renewing friendships from the past. We had 28 people in attendance.

Debbie Schinker passed out a questionnaire to get some demographics of those attending the reunion. She will be posting the results on Facebook as well as the minutes and pictures.

At 1:00 pm grace was said and we all gathered our plates and proceeded to the food line which had several tables filled with lots of great food for all to eat.

Debbie Schinker called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.  Debbie Schinker introduced the reunion committee and Jackie Wanner distributed copies of the minutes to everyone. The minutes were approved as presented.

The reunion committee will continue as is and the motion to keep it was made by Brian Lux and seconded by Ann Tressel Kirn and passed.

Ken Scott read the Treasurer’s Report. Last year we had 134.16 and then after passing the hat and the raffle we now have 194.16. A motion was made by Brian Lux to approve the report and Jackie Wanner seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

It was decided to donate $50.00 to the church for using it.

The new attendees introduced themselves and showed us their places in the family lineage. The head of each family in attendance went over their line introducing anyone new in that line.

Debbie Schinker is going to work with the DAR to restore old gravestones. She is hoping it will help us to be able to clean our family headstones.

A motion was made by Jackie Wanner and seconded by Brian Lux that the basket and raffle money will be used to start a new fund for the current project to refurbish the headstone for Daniel Shuster’s wife Margaret. Motion passed

Awards were given as follows:

Longest Married – Carl and Kathy Wanner (60 years)

Newest Married – Peter Tressel and Randy Werner (3 years)

Youngest Girl – Bailey Straight

Youngest Boy – Allen Straight

Most Descendants in Attendance – Peg Klotz

Traveled the Farthest to Attend – Karen & Bill Skeeles (Arizona)

Most Experienced Lady – Peg Klotz

Most Experienced Man – Carl Wanner

We agreed to have the 2017 reunion the same weekend, Saturday, July 15 at the same location.

Jackie Wanner made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 3:10.  Brian Lux seconded the motion and the motion passed.

The “Pass the Hat” for donations and the family raffle was then held to complete the day’s activities.

Everyone in attendance then was able to visit as long as they wished. Five people made the annual trek to the family cemeteries.

Respectfully Submitted

Jackie Wanner

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It’s Time for the 111th Annual Shuster-Tressel-Wingate Reunion

Come join us for the 111th annual gathering of Daniel and Margaret Shuster’s descendants!

WHEN: Saturday, July 18th, Noon – 4 pm (or later if you join us for the annual cemetery visits!)

WHERE: Shepherd of the Valley Church, 4796 Cross Roads Rd NE, Sandyville, OH 44671

As always, please bring a potluck dish to share (main dish, side dish, or dessert) and your own place settings (plates, silverware, napkins, etc…). Drinks are provided.

Please also bring a new item (preferably handmade, homemade, or homegrown) for the family raffle, any genealogical materials you have for reference and/or sharing, and all the relatives you can fit in your car!

We’ll hold the annual family meeting, give updates on members present and missing, eat lots of awesome food, recognize the yearly award-winners among us, and walking around asking, “Wait…HOW are we related again?”

Don’t forget to join our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/shuster/.

We also voted two years ago to stop sending paper reminder postcards due to the cost, so please forward this blog post to any relatives you know and spread the word to those who are not online.

Hope to see you there or hear from you soon!

Debbie Schinker
Reunion Committee President

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Shuster-Tressel-Wingate Reunion Mentioned in Letter to the Editor

Check out this letter to the editor submitted by our own Ed Krocker to Ohio Magazine. It was published in December of 2006! Way to go, Ed!

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New Headstone for George Franklin and Catharine (Shuster) Tressel

Most of those who attend the annual Shuster-Tressel-Wingate reunion are descended from Daniel and Margaret’s daughter Catharine Shuster who married George Franklin Tressel. Both are buried in the old Tressel cemetery located on private property which was once owned by the family. Their original headstones are pictured here:

In 2012, after many years of contributions by attendees at the reunions (supplemented by sales of the remaining red genealogical books from 1973). enough money had been raised to purchase a new headstone for George and Catharine. The family approved the wording for the front and the extra money to list George and Catharine’s children on the back. In October of 2012, the new stone was ready for installation.

New Headstone_0002 New Headstone_0003  New Headstone_0005 New Headstone_0006

New Headstone_0004

 New Headstone_0007

After several hours of work, the stone was erected! Here are a few more pictures of the front and back of the stone.

New Headstone_0010 New Headstone_0011

Great thanks to Ken Scott, long-time reunion committee treasurer, who organized the separate cemetery fund to insure accountability for all monies donated toward the new stone and did all research to compare companies, obtain quotes, recommend a company, and supervise the installation. Without him, this project would not have come to completion. Thank you, Ken!

(All pictures courtesy and property of Ken Scott.)

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2013 Reunion Schedule of Events

109th Annual Shuster-Tressel-Wingate Reunion

2013 Schedule of Events


11:00 am – Noon           Set-up

Noon – 1:00 pm            Meet & Catch Up

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm        Say Grace – Have Potluck Lunch

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm        Family Meeting

  • Call to Order
  • Introduction of the Reunion Committee
  • First Timer Welcomes
  • Family Member Introductions & Updates
  • Returned Mailing Cards
  • 2012 Minutes – Reading & Approval
  • 2012 Treasurer’s Report
  • Discussion of Ceasing Postcard Mailings
  • Update on Cemetery Stone Status – Ken Scott
  • Selection of Next Year’s Date – Jill Joliff Request
  • Selection of Next Year’s Location – Susan Lux Request
  • Fun Prizes for Categories
  • Adjournment

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm        Pass the Hat, Family Raffle

3:30 pm – 4:00 pm        Clean Up

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm        Cemetery Visits

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2012 Family Meeting Minutes (Unapproved Version)


The events of the day started approximately 11:00 am with those in attendance at that time setting up the tables, getting the sign-in sheets, name slips and family tree project set-up at the genealogy station ready for those who will be joining the group soon.  There was a “Know Your Neighbor Activity” event for all to assist with meeting and catching up on renewing friendships from the past.

At approximately 1:00, it was announced that the time to eat had arrived and grace was said by Debbie Schinker.   All in attendance gathered their plates and proceeded to go through the food line which had several tables filled with lots of food for everyone in attendance.

After the meal, introductions of first timer attendees – Mary Ann Dolvin (who had not been with us for a long time) and June and Ron Eier was made.

Minutes from the 107th Family Reunion were read by Secretary, Jackie Wanner and a motion to approve said minutes was made by Jill Jolliff, seconded by June Eier.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

 Ken Scott announced that everyone who had pledged a donation at the last reunion for the new marker for George Franklin, Catherine Tressel and their children met their pledge along with donations made by the Materna, Krocker, and Schinker families at the last reunion.  A total of $1,295.52 was now in the treasury which would cover $995.00 of the $1,000 needed to cover the cost for the new marker and still have the $300.00 left in the general fund treasury as required by approval at the last reunion.  The remainder will be donated by donated by Ken Scott.  The Treasurer’s report was approved with a motion from Jill Jolliff and seconded by Jan Materna.  Motion passed.

Cemetery Stone Status

Ken went into detail about the new marker and what has transpired with the gentleman who is doing this marker. He also displayed rubbings of previous stones and showed a diagram of the new stone and the markings which will be on it. It was also found that on Catharine’s previous stone was a verse from Proverbs. Thanks were given to Ken for all his hard work in getting things in order for this project.  Approval for this had already been voted on and passed, so he will have it completed soon.

Debbie Schinker talked about how to mark Catharines grave with DAR information.  She will continue to look into this.

Updates on Family Members

Database information:  Information sheets and updated lists were passed around for those in attendance to review and make corrections as needed.

A card from “Old” Bob was read – he is now 88 years old.

Janet Gore reported that her mother, Mary Haas, had passed away – she was 91 years old.

June Tawny – Kathy Small (daughter) I think one of them dies and the other was the family member?

Debbie reported that the officers for this year would continue for next year except for Janice Materna who is being replaced by Susan Lux. Peg Klotz made a motion to accept this change and it was seconded by Fred Strait. Motion passed.

There were no major family updates this year.

The following attendees won their category for the Fun Prizes:

Carl Wanner – Oldest Man Present
Arlene Norris – Most Experienced Woman
Logan Hohman – 16 months old – Youngest Boy Present
Angela Hohman – 7 years old – Youngest Girl Present
Klotz family and Stefanka family – Most Descendants in Attendance
Beth and Fred Strait – 7 years – Newest Married Couple
Jill Jolliff – Traveled the Farthest to Attend
Krockers, Maternas and Wanners were the Oldest Married Couple(s) – 56 years

The collection from “Pass the Hat” was $179.00 and a donation of $50.00 from June Eire for the gravestone was received today.

After doing the gift swap it was decided we would do something different next year. People will bring in items and will be displayed on tables with bags in front of them. People will buy tickets and put half the ticket in the bag for the items they would like. We will draw a ticket out of each bag and the owner will get that item. The proceeds will then go into the treasury. Jackie said she would get the tickets and bags for this.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:53 pm with a motion by Pauline Scott and seconded by June Eire.  Motion passed.

Cleanup of the hall began and after this was done, those wishing to visit the cemetery(s) began their journey to complete the day for the 108th Annual Shuster-Tressel-Wingate Reunion for 2012.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jackie Wanner

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